Happy New Year!

All classes resume as normal from Monday 5th January 2015.  Beginners always welcome.

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Wednesday 10th December – class cancelled

Please remember that tonight’s class has been cancelled.  Friday is on as normal.

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Friday 10th October – class cancelled

Due to training commitments elsewhere, the class on Friday 10th October has been cancelled.

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Exciting Change for Tiverton Class

Exciting Change for Tiverton Class
We’re delighted to announce that Miles Carrigan will be teaching the Tiverton class from now on.  The class remains part of the Devon Wing Chun club, so your standing orders are still valid for this class and all other classes.
Mondays 7.30pm-9.00pm will offer an exciting opportunity to train with Miles who, as you know, is a dedicated student of Wing Chun and Tai Chi.  He has always trained hard and regularly and taken as many opportunities as possible to train with visiting Masters (Samuel Kwok, Bill McKay and Carlos Lewis in particular).  He has a very enquiring mind and continues to research Kung Fu and explore his chosen arts.
We wish him every success with this class and look forward to sharing in his continued Kung Fu journey.

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Baat Jamm Do

WP_20140707_005 WP_20140707_016 WP_20140707_017WP_20140707_003Senior students practising Baat Jamm Do in Tiverton


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Plenty of training opportunities coming up this summer.  Please check our Calendar and Events page for full information.  Grandmaster Samuel Kwok returns to Weston Super Mare for a seminar on Saturday 5th July and we’re having a joint assessment and seminar with Sifu Bill McKay, courtesy of Taunton Wing Chun on Sunday 17th August.  All proceeds from this event are kindly being donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

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Holiday w/c 28th April

We’re away for a week so no classes during w/c 28th April.  Classes will resume as normal from Tuesday 6th May.

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Gaining Skill…

Gaining Skill is the opposite of Gaining Fat; Fat is easy to gain and hard to lose; Skill is hard to acquire and easy to lose!

So, keep training hard!

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Calendar Updated

Please keep an eye on the calendar as there are several changes in April and May.

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Assessment and Seminar – 23rd March

Our next assessment and training workshop with Sifu Bill McKay will be on Sunday 23rd March, 11.00am-3.00pm and will be held at Barley Lane School, St Thomas, Exeter EX4 1TA.
The school has a small car park and parking is also available in Barley Lane itself.
All students of Devon Wing Chun are welcome to attend regardless of experience and whether you’re assessing or not.
Assessment and training £20
Training only £10
Please confirm whether you’re planning to attend or not by 8th March.
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