Traditional Wing Chun Rules of Conduct

  • Remain disciplined – conduct yourself ethically as a Martial Artist.
  • Practice courtesy and righteousness – Serve the society and respect your elders.
  • Respect your fellow students – Be united and avoid conflicts.
  • Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures - Preserve the proper spirit.
  • Train diligently – Maintain your skills.
  • Learn to develop spiritual tranquility – Abstain from arguments and fights.
  • Participate in Society – Be moderate and gentle in your manners.
  • Help the weak and the very young – use martial skills for the good of humanity.
  • Pass on the tradition – preserve the Chinese art and rules of conduct.


  • Students must listen to and follow the instructions of the class Instructor.
  • Students must ensure fingernails are trimmed.
  • Students must wear clean, appropriate clothing to class.
  • Students must never use Wing Chun, except in emergencies or for self protection or the protection of others.
  • Students should show respect to each other, themselves and the class Instructor.
  • Students must not drink alcohol or take drugs (including illegal performance enhancing drugs) before classes.