IMG_3383Sifu Tom Collingridge
I have been dedicated to martial arts training since 1991, when I began my journey, aged 17. To this day I remain motivated and passionate about the practice; recognising what great benefits can be drawn from these elaborate systems of self-development.

I started training in Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1992 under Master Kevin Chan of the Kamon School, in London. Since moving to Devon in 1995 I have trained with a number of different Wing Chun schools/instructors including Sifu Carlos Lewis, Sifu Bill McKay, Sifu Harry Cannon and my Sigung, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.  In addition to Wing Chun Kung Fu, I am a qualified Black Belt Instructor of Aikido and am registered as an Advanced Instructor of Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).  I have been training in Taijiquan continuously since 1993. During this period I have also trained in a number of other martial arts, the combination of which has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of self-defence technique and self-development principles.

Sifu Helen Kingdon

My Wing Chun Kung Fu journey started in 2007 at the recommendation of my (now) husband.  I have had the very good fortuIMG_3371ne of training with inspiring teachers namely Sifu Harry Cannon, Sifu Bill McKay and Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

This practical, self-defence art has not only given me a great deal of confidence but has deepened my love and respect of martial arts as a whole.

Prior to starting my Wing Chun journey I spent five dedicated years training in Aikido.  I am also registered as an Advanced Instructor of Chen Style Taijiquan, which I have been practicing for 16 years.  I now share the teaching of Wing Chun and Taijiquan with Sifu Tom.


  • Grandmaster Ip Man (Foshan – Hong Kong)
  • Grandmasters Ip Chun and Ip Ching (Sons of Ip Man)
  • Grandmaster Samuel Kwok
  • Sifu Bill McKay (Somerset Wing Chun)
  • Sifu Tom Collingridge & Sifu Helen Kingdon (Devon Wing Chun)